Saturday, 14 May 2011

Will F.3.A.R Make you "Sh*t your pants" or Annoy you as hell?

New footage has been release of a co-operative game time that will be available in Fear 3, While not a big fan of a franchise and being completely honest I have never played a game the new footage seems intriguing.

Being a fan of good Co-Op experiences I enjoyed playing many MMO's and Nazi zombies yet this seems to take it to another level, personally I see two possible outcomes coming from this.

Outcome 1:

This is my preferred outcome, the game mode "F*cking Run!" will be F*cking amazing! I see this putting a lot of tension and genuinely being a very good game mode

Outcome 2:

This is unfortunately the most probable outcome, and that is that everybody will get the one idiot who doesn't know what a controller is and will eat his dinner while attempting to do his homework and play the game who will just run into the wall and guess what? Game over for everyone.

I am looking forward to further developments on this game, so in comments bellow post an Opinion of how do you think this particular game mode will work out.


P.S. this is more for my followers thank you so far for staying loyal and i understand i have been releasing less content but as soon as the exams are over i promise to knuckled down on this and provide good content for all of you guys. Thank you.


  1. this game looks awesome, yeah i hate playing with noobs

  2. Never played the PC versions, but wasn't too much a fan of the games. This looks good though.

  3. That looks so cool. I need to go play the PC version.

  4. The wall of death will be awesome, I'm pretty sure I'll buy this.

  5. I like this game very much!

  6. had the previous game, i have no doubt this will be just amazing.

  7. it isn't scary? it is to me.. I always play this kind of games in 3-4 in the morning in pitch black darkness.. my headphones on full volume.. it is just crazy sometimes

  8. this game has potential. but it looks like it will totally flop


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