Thursday, 5 May 2011

PSN Disaster... Hackers Strike back!

The people that actually follow have probably read my post about how PSN got hacked so without repeating myself too much I'm going to summarise it:
People got into the system in the 17th, Sony found out on 20th and Shut down their servers completely.

Now with that said and PSN being down for around half a month now you would think SONY would learn by now... Wouldn't you?
Yet apparently they didn't and a new attack has been carried out setting back further the release of a security update, more Importantly another 25 million personal details have been lost!

Simple Maths 77+25=102. Over 102 MILLION accounts have been compromised with two attacks, now being a huge PS3 fan this put me off by miles, If an attack happens you make sure another one doesn't happen again, yet Sony seemed to have failed in that respect.

Before I had some slight hope in Sony which I am starting to lose...

Sorry for the post being so late, and as usual guys answer the weekly question and Follow me for more gaming blogs.



  1. good thing i have an xbox?

  2. It's brutal what the hackers are doing right now but I feel it's also sony's fault for having bad firmware.

  3. That pic seriously made me lol :D

  4. Sony seems so bullshit after this.


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