Saturday, 7 May 2011

Assassins Creed Revelations... Revealed?

My Dear followers only a few day ago i talked about the new Assassins Creed coming out before Christmas this year!

The New Assassins creed has been announced also a series of teaser trailers have been released for the public to wonder about (Like a True Assassins Creed Spirit)

So than at the moment we don't know much about Assassins Creed, all we do know is that the game is getting progressively more polished and better with each one of the releases. So let's be realistic and list what we do know.

1. One of the most interesting concepts in my Opinion, this game will tie Altair and Ezio nicely together which is much expected and i think will be an amazing plot-line.

2. City of Constantenople will be the main focus of the story which will be a nice comeback from Altair's first game as visual were impressed, I did enjoy the setting of Italy but after collecting all the feathers and the flags from Italian cities I'm starting to get sick of it...

3. The game will be the "Revelation" it will explain some previous things that were unexplained.

4. (This is only my prediction) In Assassins creed brother hood Desmond has a vision of Ezio coming back to the destroyed Villa after "many years" i think the story will fill in the gap of what Ezio has accomplished in those years.

5. The story will be within the Ottoman Empire as you can probably have guessed and may involve hunting for answers Minerva set in Brotherhood.


I must admit i am a huge fan of this franchise I enjoyed all the games and they seem to be getting better and better, after playing countless hours of Assassins Creed II and Brotherhood people that are familiar with the franchise have probably grown close with Ezio, This game is much expected to answer questions others set and I am certainly getting this at release.

With this We should also remember that Assassins Creed III is coming out in 2012 which will be even more interesting!

Now than if You're interesting in seen the Teasers here they are!!!

Now than the Weekly part of the blog :) Polling results...
I asked a question "

Are you annoyed at PSN being down for so long?"

with the majority of the Vote saying "I dont really Care"

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  1. Played through all the other games and can't wait to finish the story.

  2. I'll be quite happy if it's as good as the others!

  3. Just watched that teaser... Want it even more now.

  4. The previous games were amazing and I hope the next will be even better.

  5. The first game was so amazing that I played it like 3 times. The other ones were ok but I was a little bit dissappointed I don't know why. Hope this one will blew my mind up!

  6. I am so backed up on the AC games, I seriously need to catch up.

  7. I loved AC 2. It was cool to see the Renaissance era so accurately portrayed in a game.

  8. "Are you annoyed at PSN being down for so long?"

    with the majority of the Vote saying "I dont really Care"

    Yeah I was part of that. Don't have a PS3, I do my gaming on PC :D

  9. Just like LOST, never answers questions. WE HAVE TO GO BACK!


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