Tuesday, 17 May 2011

PSN is back and It's Generous!

PSN is finally back and while most games are very weary of the Playstation's Comeback with the horror of having their Identity Stolen.

 Luckily PSN have a "Welcome Back" package released to please gamers. The mysterious package seems to Include
A choice of two games out of Five. This is Surely exciting and will make a lot of gamers anxious to choose between several game s at a time.

Sony Decided to include some great titles which are I can't wait to Play.
The Titles:


1. Dead Nation 

                                       2. Wipeout HD: Fury

                                     3. Rachet And Clank: Quest For Booty.

       4. InFamous

                                    5. Little Big Planet

Now being a Gamer and especially one that is intrigued in Trophies I am forced to get Dead Nation and Probably Wipeout HD/Fury as it comes with the Expansion pack and giving me the possibility of getting Two Platinums here...

This seems to be the Key of the Welcome Back package, BUT

The package also Includes:
  • 30 days free of PSN+ 
  • A selection of "On Us" Rental movies
  • 60 days of subscription for existing PSN+ users
  • 30 days for already existing Music Unlimited members
  • around 100 items in Playstation Home
From the List I am starting to get genuinely excited about the welcome back and I seem to be forgiving Sony almost immediately.

Well done Sony, I'm Proud of you.

Th1s_1s_R4z0r, Soviet Gamer


  1. I thought they were doing something with MMO's too, like free time or something?

  2. seems like Sony is trying to do right by their customers. good for them!

  3. this will make a lot of gamers (including me) forget completely what happened! lol
    thank you sony <33

  4. finally, im collecting my prices right now! recommendations ?

  5. Sony is generous, glad they decide to do something for the users after that shutdown.

  6. Forgiving Sony for just 2 games?...Fortunatly, I don't have any Play Station.

  7. identity theft for movies and online items.. great job sony..

  8. very tempting, famous titles, but honestly, im sure they improved their security, but i feel slightly skeptical....

  9. Great post! I like your blog!

  10. Great to see that the PSN is back.

  11. Wow, sony being good to their customers is a nice thing to see :D

  12. Good news for their costumers.

  13. good news..but im more of a 360 and retro gamer

  14. It's free and it cool and I like it, plus I have nothing to hide, so I'm in.

  15. It's like PSN never went down...


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