Monday, 6 June 2011

Welcome Back has Finally arrived and so Have I!

Hey guys I know I have been away for ages but this is about to change! My last exam is on Tuesday and from than on please expect a blog every day/Every other day. As I shall try to be consistent.

Now than most you are probably aware of the "Welcome Back" Package that has arrived to the PSN, I am excited as hell at the moment my PS3 can't even handle the amount of downloads it has to deal with, now for those who aren't that excited about the gaming lets refresh their memory.

Welcome Back package is Sony's way to make gamers forgive them after the whole hacking thing happened, kind of like a father that just run over a family puppy and is trying to buy our love.
The Welcome Back Package includes many things and I suggest you check out one my previous for more details, but here is the Summary:
Two games out choice of Five:
-Dead Nation
-WipeoutHD (with Fury)
-Ratchet and Clank

Personally I have downloaded Dead nation and WipeoutHD as i have already played others and I am not a big fan of Ratchet universe.

Also if you download PS+ you can play Burnout Paradise for 30 days which for a Trophy Hunter (like me) is more than enough to platinum the game and forget about it. Sony, once more I salute you.

Th1s_1s_R4z0r, The Soviet Gamer. 

Friday, 27 May 2011

MCM Anime Expo London 2011

Hey guys i know this isnt really relevant :) But tomorrow is the Anime Expo in London and I am going! So if any of you guys are there feel free to post on here or message me so we can say hi etc.

I know irrelevant post sorry, and my exams are over on 6th so I shall be able to start posting regularly again, thank you for the patience

Th1s_1s_R4z0r :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Game's that seem to look Sexy [ Pre-E3 ]

Hey guys, Sorry I haven't really posted anything and i am going to have another busy week due to exams but I'm Squeezing this post in as I have about an hour free (woo!)

I have been browsing around mainly through blog posts of other major websites a game seems to be really standing out for me right now.

First one of them is "Starhawk". Starhawk will be the non-sequel, sequel to Warhawk. The game-type seems to be very similar, but some things stand out for me and that is, but what is better me babling on about it or you seeing some of the game?

Video below!

Sorry for low amounts of posts this will improve in June, unfortunately i have exam exams at the moment. Thank you for the patience