Saturday, 30 April 2011

PSN Disaster.

Biggest failure of April. 
As you guys can probably gather from the name, I love trophies and gaming. Many of my friends say I am little too obsessed with both, but hey everyone has their own little indulgence (Oh yeah! I said I'd use a big word in my first blog). While I have already mentioned how I feel about the fact that Gaming is awesome and that amazing sound of a Trophy poping gives you that strong feel that you've archieved something even though it doesn't even exists...

Well I know this is late news but I was gaming as I am to avoid exams that are coming up and procrastinate (oh yeah I'm on a roll with these!) with doing revision I sat down to Play some PS3 as usual for the day and than I realise that PSN is down for some Error and maintanance, so I tell myself not to worry it'll be up tomorrow so I get my Copy of "Final Fantasy XIII" as I would have anyway and I play that. Basically PSN didn't affect me that much. A day later, two days later, THREE days later I started to get worried that something was wrong with my PS3 so i checked on it on the Internet and I found out that many many people were seriously angry(have to choose the words carefully here) about how the PSN has been down for this long, Now me being a Trophy hunter and having most of my friends Playing on Xbox didn't really bother me, I mean we can't complain! We aren't even paying for it!

But after about 4-5 days I started being one of them Genuinly annoyed people that Simply wanted the choice of playing Online rather than anything, most of the games I'm playing and getting Trophies in at this precise moment in time are Single-Player but being another Trophy Hunter I want to be able to share my findings with my Facebook! Even if people don't care about it I am perfectly fine with that fact.

What did this PSN-lessness cause me? To actually revise, I am terrified of the fact that this PSN disaster might actually Boost my AS grades this Summer!

Anyways, I think this is a bit too long for my first blog, but oh well I'll get the hang of this!

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