Monday, 6 June 2011

Welcome Back has Finally arrived and so Have I!

Hey guys I know I have been away for ages but this is about to change! My last exam is on Tuesday and from than on please expect a blog every day/Every other day. As I shall try to be consistent.

Now than most you are probably aware of the "Welcome Back" Package that has arrived to the PSN, I am excited as hell at the moment my PS3 can't even handle the amount of downloads it has to deal with, now for those who aren't that excited about the gaming lets refresh their memory.

Welcome Back package is Sony's way to make gamers forgive them after the whole hacking thing happened, kind of like a father that just run over a family puppy and is trying to buy our love.
The Welcome Back Package includes many things and I suggest you check out one my previous for more details, but here is the Summary:
Two games out choice of Five:
-Dead Nation
-WipeoutHD (with Fury)
-Ratchet and Clank

Personally I have downloaded Dead nation and WipeoutHD as i have already played others and I am not a big fan of Ratchet universe.

Also if you download PS+ you can play Burnout Paradise for 30 days which for a Trophy Hunter (like me) is more than enough to platinum the game and forget about it. Sony, once more I salute you.

Th1s_1s_R4z0r, The Soviet Gamer. 

Friday, 27 May 2011

MCM Anime Expo London 2011

Hey guys i know this isnt really relevant :) But tomorrow is the Anime Expo in London and I am going! So if any of you guys are there feel free to post on here or message me so we can say hi etc.

I know irrelevant post sorry, and my exams are over on 6th so I shall be able to start posting regularly again, thank you for the patience

Th1s_1s_R4z0r :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Game's that seem to look Sexy [ Pre-E3 ]

Hey guys, Sorry I haven't really posted anything and i am going to have another busy week due to exams but I'm Squeezing this post in as I have about an hour free (woo!)

I have been browsing around mainly through blog posts of other major websites a game seems to be really standing out for me right now.

First one of them is "Starhawk". Starhawk will be the non-sequel, sequel to Warhawk. The game-type seems to be very similar, but some things stand out for me and that is, but what is better me babling on about it or you seeing some of the game?

Video below!

Sorry for low amounts of posts this will improve in June, unfortunately i have exam exams at the moment. Thank you for the patience


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Should I do a Trophy Log after I finish my exams?

Hey guys, some of the oldest members will remember that this blog was in-fact called "Trophies and Gaming" blog as i was going to post some stuff that was interesting to me and also keep a log showing info on the trophies I get etc. 
sorry for the short Blog i just got loads of exams coming next week so please dont expect to many posts but after that expect many posts! I shall make this up to you guys thank you for all the support!

Do you guys think this blog will still be interesting even if it was about Trophies?  

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

PSN is back and It's Generous!

PSN is finally back and while most games are very weary of the Playstation's Comeback with the horror of having their Identity Stolen.

 Luckily PSN have a "Welcome Back" package released to please gamers. The mysterious package seems to Include

Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Design Sexy Design! What'd ya' think?

Greetings my readers, I think the first thing you will notice that has changed today is the new Background and style of the blog, I hope you like it!

All the credit of this goes to my friend who kindly spent several hours doing this instead of revising :)

Tell me in the comments bellow what'd you think?

Th1s_1s_R4z0r, Soviet Gamer.

Will F.3.A.R Make you "Sh*t your pants" or Annoy you as hell?

New footage has been release of a co-operative game time that will be available in Fear 3, While not a big fan of a franchise and being completely honest I have never played a game the new footage seems intriguing.

Being a fan of good Co-Op experiences I enjoyed playing many MMO's and Nazi zombies yet this seems to take it to another level, personally I see two possible outcomes coming from this.

Outcome 1:

This is my preferred outcome, the game mode "F*cking Run!" will be F*cking amazing! I see this putting a lot of tension and genuinely being a very good game mode

Outcome 2:

This is unfortunately the most probable outcome, and that is that everybody will get the one idiot who doesn't know what a controller is and will eat his dinner while attempting to do his homework and play the game who will just run into the wall and guess what? Game over for everyone.

I am looking forward to further developments on this game, so in comments bellow post an Opinion of how do you think this particular game mode will work out.


P.S. this is more for my followers thank you so far for staying loyal and i understand i have been releasing less content but as soon as the exams are over i promise to knuckled down on this and provide good content for all of you guys. Thank you.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hit 100 Followers!

Hey guys i am going to have very intense few weeks due to exams so please bare with me, But i have something to celebrate! I Have 100 followers and this means a lot to me!! thank you very much guys!!! I promise a good detailed post tomorrow for this event :)


Monday, 9 May 2011


Hey guys,

I must really apologise for posting delays, I am currently studying for 8 exams i'm going to have in a space of 2 weeks so my posts wont be as often as i wished they were! I hope you guys can understand.

On lighter news after exams (at the start of June) I will take this blog to a new level and I will buy a domain and start this off seriously! So expect more news soon... Sorry for this guys.


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Assassins Creed Revelations... Revealed?

My Dear followers only a few day ago i talked about the new Assassins Creed coming out before Christmas this year!

The New Assassins creed has been announced also a series of teaser trailers have been released for the public to wonder about (Like a True Assassins Creed Spirit)

So than at the moment we don't know much about Assassins Creed, all we do know is that the game is getting progressively more polished and better with each one of the releases. So let's be realistic and list what we do know.

1. One of the most interesting concepts in my Opinion, this game will tie Altair and Ezio nicely together which is much expected and i think will be an amazing plot-line.

2. City of Constantenople will be the main focus of the story which will be a nice comeback from Altair's first game as visual were impressed, I did enjoy the setting of Italy but after collecting all the feathers and the flags from Italian cities I'm starting to get sick of it...

3. The game will be the "Revelation" it will explain some previous things that were unexplained.

4. (This is only my prediction) In Assassins creed brother hood Desmond has a vision of Ezio coming back to the destroyed Villa after "many years" i think the story will fill in the gap of what Ezio has accomplished in those years.

5. The story will be within the Ottoman Empire as you can probably have guessed and may involve hunting for answers Minerva set in Brotherhood.


I must admit i am a huge fan of this franchise I enjoyed all the games and they seem to be getting better and better, after playing countless hours of Assassins Creed II and Brotherhood people that are familiar with the franchise have probably grown close with Ezio, This game is much expected to answer questions others set and I am certainly getting this at release.

With this We should also remember that Assassins Creed III is coming out in 2012 which will be even more interesting!

Now than if You're interesting in seen the Teasers here they are!!!

Now than the Weekly part of the blog :) Polling results...
I asked a question "

Are you annoyed at PSN being down for so long?"

with the majority of the Vote saying "I dont really Care"

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Friday, 6 May 2011

Which RPG will you be playing, Until Mass Effect 3?

Personally I have never played Mass Effect series due to having a PS3, when I heard that Mass Effect 2 and 3 will be coming out on PS3 I was slightly excited yet I still haven't Purchased Mass Effect 2 ( In my excuse I have been busy!)

I am a huge RPG fan as I really enjoy the customisation and partial realism in each game. Being a fan I have played "Fallout: New Vegas" (Not much but it's good I just can't have short sessions) and at the moment I am in the process of completing "Final Fantasy XIII" for which I shall do a post some time later!

Hoping to buy the Mass Effect 2 and Finish it before Christmas and enjoy my Christmas Holidays playing Mass Effect 3 I was slight disappointed when the developers announced that their game will be moved to "Early 2012" being in the First Quarter of the year doesn't seem far but it certainly does for the fans!

While disappointments are in line, the biggest disappointment still lies with Sony as it has been longer than 3 weeks that they are unable to get the service up!
I must apologise for repeating myself so much with PSN, but being a PS3 owner It's one of the things that is bugging me as a player!

Guys please leave a comment if you like me to do my Trophies Status's as this is what the blog was intended to do, so as in a story of which trophies I get. Being a Trophy Hunter and all

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

PSN Disaster... Hackers Strike back!

The people that actually follow have probably read my post about how PSN got hacked so without repeating myself too much I'm going to summarise it:
People got into the system in the 17th, Sony found out on 20th and Shut down their servers completely.

Now with that said and PSN being down for around half a month now you would think SONY would learn by now... Wouldn't you?
Yet apparently they didn't and a new attack has been carried out setting back further the release of a security update, more Importantly another 25 million personal details have been lost!

Simple Maths 77+25=102. Over 102 MILLION accounts have been compromised with two attacks, now being a huge PS3 fan this put me off by miles, If an attack happens you make sure another one doesn't happen again, yet Sony seemed to have failed in that respect.

Before I had some slight hope in Sony which I am starting to lose...

Sorry for the post being so late, and as usual guys answer the weekly question and Follow me for more gaming blogs.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

No post Wednesday

Hey guys, due to my timetables and events i will probably not post a Blog on Wednesday as I get back late!

I apologise about this in advance to my followers, So I will try to do a Double Blog Friday to make up for Wednesdays! I hope you guys understand :)

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Thank you for your understanding,

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Red Faction: Armageddon. Salvation or Catastrophe?

Being another game who pics a game up quite often and gets often excited by game trailers showcasing an awesome game I'm well aware of the games coming out. Well recently Red Faction: Armageddon has recently caught my Eye as one of the favourite forms of free-roam gameplay I find to be is that, that has destruction.
What is Destruction? As defines it "the condition of being destroyed demolition; annihilation." Those words to bring excitement to the gamers mind! I found that no game defines this better than Red Faction Guerilla with the game being absolutely superb, now this is information from what I've seen i am well aware Crysis had good destruction but we won't go into that.

Another game that defines destruction well is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and with the new Frostbite 2 engine this should get even better, but this is some info for another blog!

Red Faction offered to use Destruction and a lot of it. According to the developers the new game should step this up and all gamers should be very impressed by the quality, I do admit some Previewof the weapons in the game do look very well especially the new "Magnet Gun" Which looks out to be very impressive indeed  very interesting and I am somewhat excited about the upcoming release. Talking of destruction the Geometric destruction is one of the things that I think will skyboost this game to the Top.

Things I am certainly not amused with everything the new game has to offer.

Confined environment, when they thought of the underground idea I was really not amused I loved the Free world in Guerilla and i think they are stepping down, no pun intended.

Enemy types, I may possibly be blind, but the enemies look a lot like the enemies from Dead Space, I think many people will agree with me as this looks a lot like a rip off from Dead Space with slightly different guns and a more action packed game otherwise it looks very similar to the horror series and does not seem to have that strong trademark the older games had which is very disappointing for the fans.

These were really my main points, I dont think we have seen enough gameplay to make our final Verdict but we shall see how this will develop.

So than my Followers that actually enjoy the Blog tell me, Will Red Faction: Armageddon succeed or will the raitings be a Catastrophe? (Pun intended ;)

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Monday, 2 May 2011

Do you like the new name?

I thought "Trophies and Gaming" was a bit of a plain title and being from Russia myself I thought it would be a good idea to mix things up! Sorry for a small post I'm just looking on name opinions...

So do you prefer this new name of the blog?
If so I will promptly make a banner and a logo

Please leave a response in the Comment section Below, appreciate it :)

P.S. sorry for slightly irrelevant post looking for opinions.

The Setting of the new Assassins Creed.

It's the time of the year when gamers get to celebrate their second Christmas! What an I talking about? Well E3 of course. This year the E3 is held between 7-9th of June (Conveniently placed after my exams.) Meaning the gaming world will be shaken again as E3 piles out the Goodies that we are going to See in 2012 (Unless the world ends, that would suck.)

Now earlier in March Ubisoft was so astonished by the sales of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood that they decided to cramp in another game before their finale to the trilogy, which hasn't been a trilogy at all.

Being a passionate gamer and loving the Assassins Creed series (even though their storyline is very screwed up, in a good way, which also gets worse and worse with every sequel) I am looking forward to the game that is expected to come out "In before the holiday season". This is an obvious and a clever move by Ubisoft as they are milking the franchise of one of their most successful game series!

So than what do we know of this upcoming game? Well, not much, not much at all... BUT there is always room for speculation and argument!

My personal predictions for Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 2? Or probably some other ridiculous name that it's going to do either of the things, and we can be Certain about both of those things.

1. The Story of Ezio Auditore will continue as they have left off in a good place to continue yet again! This is the more likely one out of all especially due to the ending, of Brotherhood which left a lot of gamers with a ( O_O ) face.

2. A different story of a different heir is there, many fan websites are suggesting it might be in the Japanese industrial are due to the lack of High amounts of guns and large use of swords. Also characters like Samurai and Ninja concepts may be used.

Another idea follows the French revolution but i am not quite sure on how that would work though.

One of the things can be assured, I am expecting a slightly modified multiplayer to come this is due to a general community success of the first and me as many people did enjoy it and would love to play more of it, it wasn't the best multiplayer experience around but it was certainly a new and interesting concept and my prediction is that this will follow through to the upcoming games of assassins creed.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

PlayStation Network set to be Released Next week? Or not.

As all of you gaming people are probably aware "Playstation Network" has been down for around 11 days as it got shut off on April 20th, with many things creating problems for Sony, Like hackers!

In the meeting this morning president of the company Kaz Hirai has apologised for Playstation Networks performance and said 
"This criminal act against our network had a significant impact not only on our consumers, but our entire industry. These illegal attacks obviously highlight the widespread problem with cyber security," this message seems to be very warming to some, soon you will be able to pile those head shots up yet again and not have to deal with the single player!

When the Network does finally come back online there is an update that Sony have issued which also forces you to change your PSN password either through the console which you registered your PSN at or through email to which it is registered.

Another point Sony seemingly was already "undergoing" a server security update before the hack, it's up to you to believe this, but its like saying we were going to install fireproof curtains a week after the fire was set.

On the Bright side of all of this PSN will be issuing some "compensation" for this as a lot of content on the PSN will be going for FREE, yes I've said that magic word again for FREE! All gamers love that word and I am one of them, so than What is Sony going to Include in their gift package with roses?

Sony said:

  • Playstation Network+ (PSN+) Shall be made available for everyone for 30 days for free and for existing members 30 free days of use will be given. 
  • Numerous items on the store will be made Free to download (to fill the void in your heart from not being able to go online for around 20 days!)
Well so far so good, but WAIT! YOU'RE SAYING WE GET PSN+ FOR 30 DAYS!?
Last time I checked PSN+ allowed you to download games with discounts as well as free demo's and beta's and even a set of Free games every month!

But, As soon as a subscription runs out so does your access to those games meaning you can only play them for 30 days?! Call me stupid, but none of the News sites seemed to have picked up on this as this gesture of "kindness" seems to me no more than a marketing move to get the PSN+ more subscribers...


Well I think that's 'nuff said.

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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Buy Portal 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360 or PC? Gamers Dilemma.

Well firstly there is an easy answer to that question - Buy the version for which you own the console! I know it's obvious but if you buy Xbox 360 version for the PS3 it simply won't run. 

A truly awesome game.

But here's a problem, what if you're one of those gamers that has both consoles and isn't too sure? Well basically there is a simple answer to that, buy the PS3 version, not because I am a fan of the PS3 and certainly not because I said so! Well lets see what does each version have:

PC version - The "hardcore version" I say it is but it really isn't original Portal came out on, all of those gamers that might simply get this game to remember your good days in PC gaming because even original Portal is still an Amazing game!
A little side note: its good to check if your PC has the specs to run this a good website for this is - So check it out if you're interested.

Xbox 360 Version - This version is just the console version of PC game, due to the good graphics engine on Portal 2 the game shouldn't be buggy or jumpy so this version is just a good standard version of the game which if you don't have a PS3 I recommend to get!

PlayStation 3 Version - Why is this version so good? Well let me tell you this version is crème de la crème in gaming especially for the fans. If you have an Xbox and have an Old PS3 laying around I honestly do recommend getting this Version!
Anyway to the point  the reason why I am encouraging you guys to get this version is because with the PS3 version of the game you get a Free Version of the Game on PC through Steam! How awesome is that?! So you basically get two games for price of one, I mean I know you're still buying the game and its the same game but hey we're gamers we don't complain about free stuff and we leap on an opportunity of it!

So let's say we have this scenario, I have an Xbox which I play on most because my friends do, but I do have a brother with a PS3 or you own one yourself and use it as a Blu-ray player? Oh and also own a good PC than can run this... (I mean I know I'm pushing this, Personally I only own the PS3 and an ok PC...) You buy the game on PS3, you register it with Steam with your free voucher code and than BAM you can trade it in the next day and get 90-95% of your money back  yet you still own a version on PC forever which you can play, what does this result in? Portal 2 for PC for a fiver. (I am in NO WAY encouraging this and if you do this you do this at YOUR OWN ACCORD, I am just playing out a scenario here! No hatin'!)

The Only reason the PS3 version is at a Drawback at the moment is because PSN is STILL DOWN! But on the bright side you can play Online again on Sunday when a HUGE update is arriving for the PS3, but I say the single player campaign is long enough to keep you entertained for a day or two and than it's off for one of the funnest Co-ops made!

STILL FAILING *insert rage of Sparta*

PSN Disaster.

Biggest failure of April. 
As you guys can probably gather from the name, I love trophies and gaming. Many of my friends say I am little too obsessed with both, but hey everyone has their own little indulgence (Oh yeah! I said I'd use a big word in my first blog). While I have already mentioned how I feel about the fact that Gaming is awesome and that amazing sound of a Trophy poping gives you that strong feel that you've archieved something even though it doesn't even exists...

Well I know this is late news but I was gaming as I am to avoid exams that are coming up and procrastinate (oh yeah I'm on a roll with these!) with doing revision I sat down to Play some PS3 as usual for the day and than I realise that PSN is down for some Error and maintanance, so I tell myself not to worry it'll be up tomorrow so I get my Copy of "Final Fantasy XIII" as I would have anyway and I play that. Basically PSN didn't affect me that much. A day later, two days later, THREE days later I started to get worried that something was wrong with my PS3 so i checked on it on the Internet and I found out that many many people were seriously angry(have to choose the words carefully here) about how the PSN has been down for this long, Now me being a Trophy hunter and having most of my friends Playing on Xbox didn't really bother me, I mean we can't complain! We aren't even paying for it!

But after about 4-5 days I started being one of them Genuinly annoyed people that Simply wanted the choice of playing Online rather than anything, most of the games I'm playing and getting Trophies in at this precise moment in time are Single-Player but being another Trophy Hunter I want to be able to share my findings with my Facebook! Even if people don't care about it I am perfectly fine with that fact.

What did this PSN-lessness cause me? To actually revise, I am terrified of the fact that this PSN disaster might actually Boost my AS grades this Summer!

Anyways, I think this is a bit too long for my first blog, but oh well I'll get the hang of this!