Saturday, 30 April 2011

Buy Portal 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360 or PC? Gamers Dilemma.

Well firstly there is an easy answer to that question - Buy the version for which you own the console! I know it's obvious but if you buy Xbox 360 version for the PS3 it simply won't run. 

A truly awesome game.

But here's a problem, what if you're one of those gamers that has both consoles and isn't too sure? Well basically there is a simple answer to that, buy the PS3 version, not because I am a fan of the PS3 and certainly not because I said so! Well lets see what does each version have:

PC version - The "hardcore version" I say it is but it really isn't original Portal came out on, all of those gamers that might simply get this game to remember your good days in PC gaming because even original Portal is still an Amazing game!
A little side note: its good to check if your PC has the specs to run this a good website for this is - So check it out if you're interested.

Xbox 360 Version - This version is just the console version of PC game, due to the good graphics engine on Portal 2 the game shouldn't be buggy or jumpy so this version is just a good standard version of the game which if you don't have a PS3 I recommend to get!

PlayStation 3 Version - Why is this version so good? Well let me tell you this version is crème de la crème in gaming especially for the fans. If you have an Xbox and have an Old PS3 laying around I honestly do recommend getting this Version!
Anyway to the point  the reason why I am encouraging you guys to get this version is because with the PS3 version of the game you get a Free Version of the Game on PC through Steam! How awesome is that?! So you basically get two games for price of one, I mean I know you're still buying the game and its the same game but hey we're gamers we don't complain about free stuff and we leap on an opportunity of it!

So let's say we have this scenario, I have an Xbox which I play on most because my friends do, but I do have a brother with a PS3 or you own one yourself and use it as a Blu-ray player? Oh and also own a good PC than can run this... (I mean I know I'm pushing this, Personally I only own the PS3 and an ok PC...) You buy the game on PS3, you register it with Steam with your free voucher code and than BAM you can trade it in the next day and get 90-95% of your money back  yet you still own a version on PC forever which you can play, what does this result in? Portal 2 for PC for a fiver. (I am in NO WAY encouraging this and if you do this you do this at YOUR OWN ACCORD, I am just playing out a scenario here! No hatin'!)

The Only reason the PS3 version is at a Drawback at the moment is because PSN is STILL DOWN! But on the bright side you can play Online again on Sunday when a HUGE update is arriving for the PS3, but I say the single player campaign is long enough to keep you entertained for a day or two and than it's off for one of the funnest Co-ops made!

STILL FAILING *insert rage of Sparta*

PSN Disaster.

Biggest failure of April. 
As you guys can probably gather from the name, I love trophies and gaming. Many of my friends say I am little too obsessed with both, but hey everyone has their own little indulgence (Oh yeah! I said I'd use a big word in my first blog). While I have already mentioned how I feel about the fact that Gaming is awesome and that amazing sound of a Trophy poping gives you that strong feel that you've archieved something even though it doesn't even exists...

Well I know this is late news but I was gaming as I am to avoid exams that are coming up and procrastinate (oh yeah I'm on a roll with these!) with doing revision I sat down to Play some PS3 as usual for the day and than I realise that PSN is down for some Error and maintanance, so I tell myself not to worry it'll be up tomorrow so I get my Copy of "Final Fantasy XIII" as I would have anyway and I play that. Basically PSN didn't affect me that much. A day later, two days later, THREE days later I started to get worried that something was wrong with my PS3 so i checked on it on the Internet and I found out that many many people were seriously angry(have to choose the words carefully here) about how the PSN has been down for this long, Now me being a Trophy hunter and having most of my friends Playing on Xbox didn't really bother me, I mean we can't complain! We aren't even paying for it!

But after about 4-5 days I started being one of them Genuinly annoyed people that Simply wanted the choice of playing Online rather than anything, most of the games I'm playing and getting Trophies in at this precise moment in time are Single-Player but being another Trophy Hunter I want to be able to share my findings with my Facebook! Even if people don't care about it I am perfectly fine with that fact.

What did this PSN-lessness cause me? To actually revise, I am terrified of the fact that this PSN disaster might actually Boost my AS grades this Summer!

Anyways, I think this is a bit too long for my first blog, but oh well I'll get the hang of this!