Monday, 2 May 2011

The Setting of the new Assassins Creed.

It's the time of the year when gamers get to celebrate their second Christmas! What an I talking about? Well E3 of course. This year the E3 is held between 7-9th of June (Conveniently placed after my exams.) Meaning the gaming world will be shaken again as E3 piles out the Goodies that we are going to See in 2012 (Unless the world ends, that would suck.)

Now earlier in March Ubisoft was so astonished by the sales of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood that they decided to cramp in another game before their finale to the trilogy, which hasn't been a trilogy at all.

Being a passionate gamer and loving the Assassins Creed series (even though their storyline is very screwed up, in a good way, which also gets worse and worse with every sequel) I am looking forward to the game that is expected to come out "In before the holiday season". This is an obvious and a clever move by Ubisoft as they are milking the franchise of one of their most successful game series!

So than what do we know of this upcoming game? Well, not much, not much at all... BUT there is always room for speculation and argument!

My personal predictions for Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 2? Or probably some other ridiculous name that it's going to do either of the things, and we can be Certain about both of those things.

1. The Story of Ezio Auditore will continue as they have left off in a good place to continue yet again! This is the more likely one out of all especially due to the ending, of Brotherhood which left a lot of gamers with a ( O_O ) face.

2. A different story of a different heir is there, many fan websites are suggesting it might be in the Japanese industrial are due to the lack of High amounts of guns and large use of swords. Also characters like Samurai and Ninja concepts may be used.

Another idea follows the French revolution but i am not quite sure on how that would work though.

One of the things can be assured, I am expecting a slightly modified multiplayer to come this is due to a general community success of the first and me as many people did enjoy it and would love to play more of it, it wasn't the best multiplayer experience around but it was certainly a new and interesting concept and my prediction is that this will follow through to the upcoming games of assassins creed.


  1. Wow,sounds good, waiting for game trailers

  2. As long as they only make one or two more. Other wise it's going to turn into another cash cow.

  3. So I am guessing that if I want to play this game, I should play the other 2 first? Or does that not matter?

  4. I'm eager to see the new consoles comming out at the E3

  5. I would like to go this year to E3

  6. Where is the E3? LA? Köln?

  7. @DanZel Yes E3 is from 7-9th of June and it is a series of video conferences which you may view online LIVE. They are held at Los Angeles Convention Centre.

    Hope that helps!

  8. I'm not usually the gamer type, but damn it, you make it sound interesting. Friggin' reds =P Just kidding.

  9. awesome screens, I must see the trailer


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